Welcome to my blog. Here I share updates of the goings on at Bluehayes Cattery!

Happy New Year to all my customers!

Wishing you all health and happiness in 2018.

Feb 2015.. I am NOT becoming a kennels!

I wish to make it clear, for those of you who take an interest in planning proposals, that the recent application for a dog day care establishment IS NOT ME! My neighbours further down Bluehayes Lane (who have, I believe a long standing history of working with and showing dogs) have applied for permission to open a "dog day care" establishment. I wish them all the best, but, I will reiterate... IT IS NOT BLUEHAYES CATTERY! Please be assured that, as always, your pussy cats will be treated with the care and consideration that my charges have had since 1999.  Kind Regards, Angela Jones, Proprietor, Bluehayes Cattery

Eek! Should I put my prices up?

NO!.....They will stay the same for 2015....hard to believe but started my beloved cattery in 1999 at £4.50 per day...so only a 3.50 increase in nearly 16 years......someone will probably give me a breakdown as to how that relates to today's prices!  (probably my accountant).... look forward to seeing you and your little one in 2015, Angela.

happy new year all

Wishing all my customers, new and old, a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2015.... love your cats...love them, love them, love them!.....if they are not micro chipped get it done  this year...it's SO important...forget the pretty, velvety collars.....GET THEM MICRO CHIPPED... costs about the same as 2/3/4 pretty collars! and may save you and your little one THEIR LIFE and your grief should something happen.  

bastards who hurt animals

One of my darling, darling little customers is dead.  The owner phoned me in tears to report that her cat had been shot with a pellet gun by an ignorant human being who probably thought it was'fun' to aim his weapon at an innocent creature. I am too upset to expand but those of you who care...please DON'T ALLOW YOUR CHILDREN ACCESS TO THESE AWFUL WEAPONS... and they are weapons. not toys. Most of you reading this are, i know NOT  that sort of person....but if you hear, see, have knowledge of someone in possession of a pellet gun.. REPORT THEM...if not to the police then TO ME and I will report them. IT COULD BE YOUR LITTLE ONE NEXT!.

september and some worries!


What a weird summer we've all had and already the children are back to school! At this time of year I am getting tired.....last day off was 30/11/13, so REALLY looking forward to THIS November 1st and a bit of a lie in with no meaty chunks to hand out (sometimes up to 104 per day!) Pheww! My main concern now is the ever present spectre of EDDC and their all consuming attempt to cover the whole of East Devon in concrete.... I fear for the future of my beloved business...I am being told that I should not, in fact be registered for 40 cats, but 'probably'  half that....as I have been 'miscalcuated' for the LAST 15 YEARS!  Then I have 'too many plants' growing next to the cattery and/or too many leaves (from ancient oaks) settling on the cattery roof....which might give a cat an infection....#..//¬! do these 'so called 'inspectors actually realise that a cat will go out, kill and probably dissect a creature, chuck it up, come home, lick it's bottom and then settle down to sleep before being 'kissed by its garlic breathed, cold/ flu infested owner! Give me a break! Your thoughts would be much much appreciated...regards, Angela


The cattery is now full for the whole of August and first few days of September when the children go back to school. I know it may sound a bit premature, but Christmas is now being booked!...Don't leave it til the last minute! Hope your summer is going well.

missing pussy cats!

Hello, to anyone reading this.....especially Cranbook residents..... apart from neighbours, vet and CPL.... if your little one goes astray.... always TRY  me first with a missing cat... no promises, but SOMETIMES, SOMETIMES they may end up here.... ( food, company, shelter if they are 'lost'...) hopefully we won't have to 'do it' to often....but always try me....y'never know, A

lost cat!

You may remember a few weeks ago...my ginger and white cat went missing..... now back home, thanks so so much to all who may have contributed to his well being..... thank you. If any of the new residents of Cranbook read this..... always here...... xx A

thank you all again!

Loki is now back with his 'mates'.....all five of them cuddled up together..... what a very happy and special day... thanks A

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