september and some worries!


What a weird summer we've all had and already the children are back to school! At this time of year I am getting tired.....last day off was 30/11/13, so REALLY looking forward to THIS November 1st and a bit of a lie in with no meaty chunks to hand out (sometimes up to 104 per day!) Pheww! My main concern now is the ever present spectre of EDDC and their all consuming attempt to cover the whole of East Devon in concrete.... I fear for the future of my beloved business...I am being told that I should not, in fact be registered for 40 cats, but 'probably'  half I have been 'miscalcuated' for the LAST 15 YEARS!  Then I have 'too many plants' growing next to the cattery and/or too many leaves (from ancient oaks) settling on the cattery roof....which might give a cat an infection....#..//¬! do these 'so called 'inspectors actually realise that a cat will go out, kill and probably dissect a creature, chuck it up, come home, lick it's bottom and then settle down to sleep before being 'kissed by its garlic breathed, cold/ flu infested owner! Give me a break! Your thoughts would be much much appreciated...regards, Angela


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