Welcome to my blog. Here I share updates of the goings on at Bluehayes Cattery!


In my last blog I reported the loss of my ginger cat Loki on June 19th. Today, Wednesday July 16th, he turned up!! Looking well and happy. Now driving me nuts with continuous chatting! Can't begin to describe how happy I am......Many thanks if you were feeding him, but please don't do it again!  On cloud nine at the mo.  Don't forget summer hols just around the corner..still a few places. A

missing cat....

One of my own cats, LOKI has gone walkabout since approx 19/6....possibly within Cranbrook. He is large, ginger with white chest  and extremities. No collar but microchipped....any sightings please let me know. .... Just been made aware of (sorry) deceased  little baba.... ginger and white...quite young.....I HAVE ASKED FOR HIM TO BE  TAKEN AWAY. so Sorry..... whoever he belongs to..... it was quick and no damage..... just didn't know where to take home. Many thanks. Can we have a Cranbrook/ Bluehayes cattery sort of  interaction?


The rain is lashing down and many of us are under siege from the elements..... WE ARE STILL HERE!...soggy, but all cats warm and cosy and beneath their heat lamps.... well fed and attended to....it's only me getting wet!.... their hot water bottles at the ready and mini bars set up... the G&T'S  going down a storm!  Seriously, hope we can survive this horrendous  weather...bookings for Easter still available...we'll be moaning it's  too hot then!...Stay safe and dry. A

new year!

Still a few places from 27th DECEMEBER!

Christmas and New year!

I am now full 23/24/25/26/ December...still some places left for new year, but get in quickly if you need to!

Firework night is almost here!

I don't need to remind you of how frightening this night (and those preceeding it) can be to our pets. Please ensure that your liitle ones are kept indoors once evening falls and, if they have to be left alone, that you leave a radio/TV on at a reasonable level  and draw blinds and curtains to 'mask' any loud noises and bright lights. The now large occupancy of Cranbrook will obviously increase the likelihood of firework parties and gatherings, so I would beg those of us either living there, or close by to be extra vigilant. Thankfully Bluehayes Cattery is closed for November so I will only have my little family of five cats, dog (Paddy) and chickens to protect. PLEASE, please take care of yourselves and your liitle ones....

christmas bookings!

Places for the Christmas period are filling quickly...to ensure your cat has a guaranteed place, please phone NOW!! with your dates. Don't forget there is a minimum 5 day charge!   I will try my best to fit all your little ones in.....but do it now! ..xx A

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